Allaire conditions as of 2/17


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Did anyone ride at Allaire today? If so, of if your ride tomorrow, could you please post conditions.

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OK if you have studded tires. If not then I would say stay away until next weekend.

Today was VERY icy.:( Almost all the trails looked like this.
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Ice? Wow, I didn't notice any ice. Maybe it was the white hot heat coming from the Nevegals, or , perhaps it was my mad riding skills that allow me to ride on Ice as if it was dry pavement. :getsome: Hey who is the guy in that picture? Man, that guy is good looking!
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Let's make this perfectly clear !!

That was rider error and had nothing at all to do with Kenda tires.
Holy crap............

Nice luge run.....

thanks for the is supposed to warm up in a few days. Maybe it will be a bit more user friendly by then.

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