Albany area riding


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Trying to ride tomorrow and Saturday somewhere it’s not supposed to rain. See that the chance is much lower up in this area. Looking for some technical gnar. Any suggestions?


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Hit the Saratoga trails..
Find their website and throw a few $$ at them too!


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@Sven Migot @Patrick You guys friggen nailed it with this place! Did two days there and it was even more awesome then I could have imagined. Hooked up with a guy that knew the place well and guided us to all the best stuff. So many rock rollers, slab sections and steep grunts, some of my favorite kind of terrain. My arms are as tired as my legs. Didn't get a drop of rain on either day so it was a perfect choice. Really cool town too only 5 minutes away. Hit the bars and restaurants at night to make an awesome trip. Already want to go back.


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Will be coaching up in Saratoga next weekend - will hopefully check out the trails - thanks for the heads up!
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