Alaska photos 2


entirely thrilled
been a while, sorry. i don't internerd as much as i used to. loads of pics up in my flickr account:

here are some highlights:

we entered a cardboard & duct tape boat race, and took first and second(me 2nd) i blame my loss entirely on my paddle design. they had to be homemade, and i just grabbed a 6' piece of 1" aluminum flat stock. kim had hockey sticks...




i had a mishap 10 miles into a 110 mile race.... i've since realized how badly i've been neglecting my bike and treated her to all sorts of new components.
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Amazing stuff Sean. Just a notch above the NJ scenery.

NJ is not the same w/o you but those photos seems to make it well worth the trouble.

I love to XC ski myself. I am mega jealous.

Now you just need a splitboard.

Have a blast and be safe,



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Awesome pics Sean, your captains hat is great. Glad to hear all is well.

You were missed at the picnic

take care, and Fred is still getting married:D


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Good to hear from you, Sean! It seems like you got your groove on in Alaska, and I am happy for you. We had a group ride at MD yesterday, and obviously, your name came up. Brett just hasn't been the same since you left.


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Sure you can't xc ski w/ me! "I've got bad knees" WAAAAAA.You're a bastard, but i still miss you like an arm and hope you come back an visit soon.


entirely thrilled


that's from a stupidly steep and muddy ride i did yesterday. that kid was among a group of three attempting to make it up on 50 and 80cc dirtbikes. he wasn't faring so well, and couldn't make it up that section. his buddies walked down and were helping him push his bike up, when one of them slipped, taking out that kids feet and sending him sliding 100 yards down the hill on his backside. he was attempting to crawl back up there.


entirely thrilled
Sure you can't xc ski w/ me! "I've got bad knees" WAAAAAA.You're a bastard, but i still miss you like an arm and hope you come back an visit soon.

i was assured by multiple people up here that classic isn't bad for ones knees at all, and is actually really similar to cycling. that and there are hundreds of miles of free groomed xc ski trails in just about every town/city up here every winter, so i figured i might as well....

i'll be coming back to visit at some point during the month of december. probably spend two or three weeks in the area. one week in philly, two in nj. no mtb, but i'll have my road bikes(they're still there)(i hope).

i miss you all as well. i especially miss the abundance of rocky trails and the log crossings. alaskans are afraid of tech, so the trails are mostly smooth and there almost no log crossings to be found. i have to venture onto the trails that never get ridden to have fun. :getsome: i guess maybe they know that if they were to fall and hurt themselves, they most likely would be eaten before anyone found them, so they play it safe. :confused: i dunno.



Sweet indeed.
Next time you roll into Anchorage's Speedway Cycles, please give my best to Greg. :)


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Tri-Fecta, Sneaky Pete's, Shakey Jake's and the Daily Planet.

I'm leaving Colin home for this one...


entirely thrilled
i count greg as a friend carole, and i think he has mentioned you when the topic of nj came up. or someone from the new brunswick area anyway.

suasages fred, sausages.
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