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Well C-bus is nice & 3rd time this year. Visiting friend and going to GAMEDAY!] They started setting up for the game on freaking thurs. ESPN gameday starts at 8am on sat and the game doesn't start till 8pm. It's gonna be insane. OSU BABY!

Long story short but real quick b4 I get into bicycling... was in VIP at some club last night, I brushed shoulders with Lebron James & Ben Wallace! It was mad weird seeing them act regular with a bottle of Patron in one hand and severl girls in another haha. Supposively, I get to meet him tonight at my friends shop after their preseason game on campus. But who knows :eek: We shall see. Lebron is also a share holder of Cannondale. Maybe a hook up? :p I partied with Lebron James. Freaking crazy! And I use the term partied very very very lightly haha.

Big cycling community but from my experience they are just OK. Rode ~30mi+ yesterday on a fixie. Fixies are weird and get you f-ing tired, but lots of fun. It was brakeless too :eek: Then hoped onto a SS and go all confused. Now I want a flip flop bike. I've always sweated the London Langster. The fixie crowd here is a pretty fixie crowd. They are a very fashionable crowd, considering C-Bus is one popular place for retail HQ's like A&F barf), but they do have their own racing team that gets paid to race. Picture a nice pimped out throw back fixie a a skinny dude with tight jeans and some nice woven holiday sweater.

Olentangy River Trail - AWESOME! The path is a paved multi-use trail that is 15 miles long witha freaking yellow lines haha. It goes through a handful of parks. I started from OSU area and rode to near the end and then hit the road to go visit the Trek Bicycle Store in a neighboring town and Performance Bicycle (I frequent order stuff from them so why not visit the store). Great store. HUGE. Bike brands are average, but I saw a Fuji Cross Pro. Great specs for the $ and it was on clearance but I'm hesitant because the wheelset. They even offered me $20 to ship it to NJ. I'm still thinking if I should go back...:hmmm:
But Damn, Trek are making some FLY colors on them bikes. They also carried Moots and Seven in the Trek store too. To name a few, other brands I saw at other shops were Spec, Giant, Surly, Look, Bianchi.

-Sorry ppl but I am hating and the reason I say the cycling community is okay is because I got hard looks from the elite road crowd on the path as I politely smiled or nodded my head. Everyone is nice on the canal in NJ, but damn these people gave me hard looks. :blah:
I guess they are just not used to some NJ lovin'.
-On top of that while i was on my route back on the road from those two shops. I was riding something like a route 27 road. I had a f-ing wendys chocolate milkshake thrown at me from this minivan. They seemed to be pretty young (not like I'm old or anything but I can give out a f-ing beating :getsome:). So I was like whatever for one second. Then it just hit me and I said WTF oh hell no. I chased the car down to a red (while the mean time you can tell they were looking back and getting tense). I banged on the car mad hard several times when I caught up. I didn't quite reach the front of the car and they took off flooring it, squealing tires, and RUNNING THE RED! Straight up fools. I did not exagerate any of this. They next thing i was gonna do I swear was try to open the god damn door and swing my helmet at the front passenger who I assume threw it since their were only two of them and it came from that side. Sorry getting violent, but I'm over it :rolleyes:

Anyways, hope everyone has fun at Halter's tonight (whimper sob whimper sob). Getting ready to go to Rays in a couple hours tho! :D

I'll be making a vid of the Olentangy Trail. Gotta check it out. It's nice. I have a couple pics too but my friend can't find the USB cord to upload. Maye later. Whoopie.

PEACE from the Midwest


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...They next thing i was gonna do I swear was try to open the god damn door and swing my helmet at the front passenger...

PEACE from the Midwest

You were going to play it safe and leave the helmet strapped on your head while swinging it at them, right? :D


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I got wrangled in a last minute plan to drive just east of columbus this weekend. Granted I'm not staying for very long you can at least know I'm in the same state for a brief moment. Mos to those guys in the vid aren't on fixies since you can see them coast. But my fixie beater is a beast. I'm putting together a new one either a Mark V or a Crosscheck, some nice deep v's...baller :getsome:


hard looks????

U got the hard looks, cuz u obviously weren't hipster enuff to be on the fixxie, ie, yer pants weren't tight enuff, u didn't have on the sweater yer grandma bought u in 1989, and u didn't have a "choppy" haircut, possibly, u committed the real sin of not having a messenger bag and a starbucks coffee in yer hand either. All of those things could've been more than enuff. Also, if u were a true fixxie guy, you'd have had a Kryptonite lock draped over yer shoulder and when u caught up to the guys that threw the milkshake you'd have been able to break the window with it like a true badass, rather than letting them get away.
PS- I like the Chicago Langster, but no matter which one u get, it's gotta have the bullhorn handlebars. Have fun out there bro


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LeBron James Beeeyoootch

I am resurrecting this old thread cause I am compiling the olentangy trail video now & because it is still worth noting a partied and met LeBron James :p

Halter's Crew will appreciate this... despite LeBrons heavily armed bodyguards that wouldn't let anyone take pics with him or get close... I walked right up to him, shook his hand, and the following took place:

Me: Hey man. Pleasure meeting you. Thanks for coming to my buddies shop.
LBJ: (nods head)
Me: Heard you own some of Cannondale
LBJ: (nods head)
Me: What you ride?
LBJ: The best kind. 29er.
Me: (I chuckle)
LBJ: (He chuckles)
Me: Aight good luck this season.

LeBron's Ride
But I think we need to teach him how to ride that like it's meant to be :hmmm:

You'll see me in the second pic on the lower left. Then you see Lebron in the next! :cool::rofl:

You're 100% right :D
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