Advice needed... is this a crack?


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Pretty sure this is what a crack in carbon looks like:


I do need advice... what say you, fellow bikers? Here’s another one from afar for perspective:



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If that is a crack, Santa Cruz should take care of you. They are known for backing up their products, and their frames aren’t known for cracking. They will probably want to see it since those frames just hit the street.

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Could it be just a bad paint job? Either way, I hope SC will take care of you.
But it gotta be disappointing for this to happen on a new frame.... and gonna be a PITA to take the bike apart and then put it back together again when the new frame arrives.
Sorry this happened.
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could just be in the paint but its probably a crack, possibly due to an impact under the frame guard. keep us posted on the warranty experience, I hear santa cruz is really good and am curious if you will have to pay for a crash replacement or if it is truly "no questions asked". Lots of these new frames protrude out in front of the cranks which means unless you are on your A game you will bash it into a large log or if you roll a rock drop by accident. I'm so paranoind about this happening to my new bike.


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If that's a crack then my enduro bike has many cracks . Hope you were at least doing something cool when it happened