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hello all, as a mtbikers.whenever i riding in a park i allways try to use this adopt-a-trails kind a method on the trails.
so i think its like trails maintenance kind a stuff except, that i do it myself and my willingnes to do so.
what i do is, things like a fresh fallen tree on trails(except big/giant tree :)
clean overgrowht grass/bushes especially the one that sharp it can cut your skin( dunno the name,it has flower during summer??) so, adopt-a-trails to me is a personal matter but sometimes i,m lazy too!(a-must-do-thing-when-u-riding-in-the-woods) to me in my personal opinion its like this; try to imagine woods/parks as your home/house.
you want to keep your home/house clean and cozy,right?
so, if you like it that way you owe it to yourself you have obligation to fullfil.
and you don't like it if somebody/your guest mess up your home.for me i must respect the woods just like i have repect w/others.
thats all folks,...anyway its only my personal thoughts i hope i didn't offense anyone by posting it.
ps; i learn my english autodidact, didn't go to school pls
pardon my langguage.:eek:
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