Abington Wheel Wright Bike Shop, Abington PA


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Abington Wheel Wright Bike Shop, Abington PA
I used to live in PA, outside of Philly, and struck up a friendship with the now-owner Miko Wright (reminds me alot of JDog actually). Moving to Jersey I thought meant never really using his shop as I would find a new shop closer to home. Well I have found some very, very cool shops in NJ (Beachwood Bicycles, Halter Cycles, Knapps, etc...) but every now and then I still seem to find my way back to Miko's (despite the ~1 hour drive). If you are looking for a dealer with great knowledge, fantastic customer service and some nice high-end bikes- Intense, Titus, Norco, Jamis, Salsa- Miko's shop is another great option. The shop is not too far from Wissy in Philly and the phone is 215-884-6331.
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