A sampling of Whistler - The video



Just got back from Whistler, and it was a full week of craziness. The trails are really great, even if you don't do all the drops and stuff.

Here is the video of our group in action: http://www.joybean.com/BeansBikes/Movies.html

Despite the hype, I think for those of you that go to Diablo, you won't have any problem negotiating the stunts at Whistler. Just sharpen your skinny skills in the wet weather.

It was wet a few days, but the dirt is a lot different that out here. It is tacky with good traction 99% of the time.

Watch out for that one percent though.



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Wow, great riding. Whistler has more than enough stuff to ride, eh? It looked like a new section in each part of the video.

BTW, very nice job on the camera and edit. I know it's tough to get footage to look as rad as it feels like in real life.


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vid soft?

bean, can i ask what you used as compression and editing software, if its one and same or separate. what codec. it looks incredible, and streams flawlessly. i can never get my vid so smooth, and i also host my own. whatcha secret? how big is that whistler file??


Thanks all.

There were plenty of crashes, but we were too busy riding and having fun to video much. Plenty of trails to ride as well. Each one with its own special flow. Just great stuff.

I use a Canon Powershot SD 870 because I can have it powered up quickly and it is small. The codec I don't know, but it is wrapped in AVI.

I used to use iMovie and get better results on output, but I moved to Final Cut Pro this year. The output isn't as good as it once was. Need to do more research on my initial settings in FCP most likely.

Output as QuickTime from one of the predetermined settings, and it comes out to about 10-12 MB per minute of vid.

Can't wait to go back.

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