A Man Without His Son.


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I got this from my local NJ Surf Fishing Club. Sad story indeed. Take a look, and a second to help out. I cant imagine the pain....

There is one father and son who I am especially thinking about this year, they have not seen each other in over four years. In fact this Christmas is the fifth since the boy was abducted in the summer of 2004. Can you imagine your son or daughter being kidnapped, knowing where he or she may be but forbidden by corrupt judges in a corrupt country from ever seeing your child?

This is truly a heartbreaking story that has been ongoing right here in New Jersey for over four years. I am referring to the abduction of Sean Goldman, the son of Shore Catch Guide Service's, David Goldman. Many people have been working night and day the last few months to help get Sean back from Brazil BEFORE it is too late. I'm serious, the system is so corrupt if he doesn't succeed now he may have to wait 10 more years until Sean is 18 years old before he has any possibility to even see him.

You can do one very small thing to help David and Sean, go to the web site http://bringseanhome.org and spend two minutes to add your name to the online Care 2 Petition to bring Sean home. This message is being sent to 20,000 people, our goal is only 3,000 signatures, can you help, just two minutes? If you would like to get more involved we welcome your assistance, ask your wife, family, friends and co-workers to get involved. Forward this email to as many people as possible or simply send the web site address, http://bringseanhome.org. The more help we get by people calling, emailing and writing letters the better the chances are that Sean may be returned to the United States.
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