A gypsy and her list obsession


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That's a pretty sick list. Please post reviews as you go... I've only hit a fraction of these.


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Above I posted my favorite list! Riding park, specifically jumping my bike makes me the happiest! Having summers off definitely makes completing this list easier. But I only got to two ‘new’ parks this summer. So, I’m heading out to Mt Hood tomorrow to ride both SkiBowl and Timberline. I won’t have time to make it down to Mt Bachelor. I have ridden many trails in Bend, but Mt Bachelor will have to wait for a different trip.


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As I think of them, I’m going to start writing down my thoughts (memories) of each place I’ve ridden, so 10 years from now when my memory is even foggier I’ll know where to return.

I guess I need a rating system. 1-10. 1 (Whistler) will be the most awesome place on earth for now. Creek is a 2, because Creek truly is special due to its tech (and I just may be biased). Yes, yes, there is a HUGE difference between Whistler and Creek!! But my ratings will be based on ‘return worthiness’. A 10 means I don’t need to go back, ever. It's hard to rate size, technical ability, fun factor, accessibility, surrounding area and scenic impressiveness all in one. Plus, a slow lift really gets under my skin. So, my ratings may be off because one of the factors could be so awesome or horrible it offsets the rest.


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My original intent was to write here a few times a week. But I went back to work September 1 which threw me a curve ball. It was the first time I physically left the house and went to work since March 2020. Unlike many, I was very happy about going back! I enjoy most people and hate being confined to my house. My return to work also coincided with Ida and the flooding of NJ. Now, two weeks later and I’m finally settling into a routine.

I’m taking the advice of @w_b and Whistler is a 10!

At the end of August, I did a three-day trip to Oregon. Since time was so limited, I had to choose only one area to visit. Back in 2016 I raced the High Cascades 100 in Bend, Oregon. That riding was for a race, so my memory is skewed from adrenaline and exhaustion, but if memory serves me correct, Bend is probably the ‘better’ riding in the state.

This recent trip I wanted to ride something new and to cross some places off my lists, so I headed to Mt Hood. It was absolutely beautiful! So lovely to be back in the Pacific NorthWest (my soul home). Portland is a shithole filled with homeless and heroin, so getting out of the city ASAP was a priority. I landed and immediately drove to Government Camp (Mt Hood). I met two PA friends who were out there doing a 14-day tour of Oregon.

I found a very cheap VBRO in Government Camp directly across the street from SkiBowl Bike Park. The town also has a bike shuttle to Timberline Bike Park and the Sandy and Rhododendron Trail heads, so it was quite perfect for my needs.


Park reviews to follow.


The Timberline to Town is a must do shuttle,best $2 bucks spent. The Timberline lodge is very impressive [The Shinning ] for those that don't know.


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That is about the 10th person who mentioned the Timberline Lodge and The Shining. Unfortunately we never saw it. The Timberline to Town was an awesome run!
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