A few of us hitting the CX circuit...


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AON, ChrisG, and myself were represent'n at the Hillbilly Hustle CX race on Saturday. It was obvious we each have a few things to learn about this whole CX thing but we had fun.

AON was nice enough to hang around and grab some pics of Chris and I in the B race. I was in charge of navigation at the start. Eventually, Chris passed and showed me how to handle the barriers.


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chris is lined up with my buddy Donatello from the Rutgers team...My boy Todd from the Hermes won the C race...And the rest of the "Hermutgers" crew placed well also...Too bad I'm not on that team anymore!! I'll be at the Westwood race...I'm not sure if I'm doing the B or C race...I've never raced CX before...I kinda want to do B...And Chris, you're supposed to bunnyhop the barriers!!
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