A bear at Estell Manor -- NOT


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Have to relate this story from last week's Sunday solo ride:
I was about half way through my ride and just came around a turn at reasonable speed when I saw this friggin huge furry black animal charging towards me down the trail :scared:-- I instantly panicked and thought it was a friggin giant black bear!! I immediately bailed and got behind my bike and as it charged past me I realized it was a DOG!! A big black chow (I think) and the owner was a few seconds behind on his bike apologizing because I think he could see I was on the verge of freaking! :eek: MAN I was sh**ing!!

Between all the Rabies signs posted up and after that incident, I have to go buy me some kind of spray repellent or taser (although I don't want to get close enough to any friggin animal to have to zap it) or something!!
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A simple bell would do fine, if you need to use a taser you are already in trouble.

Remember a bear is typically going to be more afraid of you, unless he is really big... :D


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there's a tree stump that every time i see it, i think it's an animal...and of course my mind sees a bear.

i have a buddy who rides downhill with his dog running down the mountain besides him. he's done the same snowboarding in the cascades. i don't know how the dog does it in the pow, though i don't have 4 legs. i bet that helps.

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