909 Tonight


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Am I the only person trying to get up to this thing tonight? It's supposed to be great weather...after a day like this it probably won't even be cold! I've got to get up there as I couldn't capitalize on the beaut of a day today. C'mon people!


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I made it up there tonight. It was a great course as some of the old trails have been messed up by loggers so there's some new stuff. I had a blast on my rigid. For the 2nd ride I was really pushing it's limits and having fun drifting through corners and flying out of control on downhills. I got 3rd in my class of 3 and think I ended up something like 12th overall. It was fun for sure! The atmosphere is always great!!!


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That race is on my TODO list for next year... The last time I did that race Tim Quilty was dressed up like Santa Claus and had his bike wired with christmas tree lights... hilarious...


Great fun! I have been trying to do this race for about 5 years - finally accomplished it. I have always been scared of the first singletrack piece. I was happier once that singletrack and the uphills were over in the first 1/3 of the course. Bikehead is my fav - so I actually was passing a couple people there. There was a very good showing of 12-34 Sport Women category. But I think there was no Expert Women - Come on ladies!!! So happy to attend a nice, healthy, fresh air event and celebrate some adult Halloween fun at the same time. Woohoo! Now... if we could only combine this with a haunted hayride type of event, where the scary monsters are out in the woods and jump out at you, chase you down. That would be so cool!! (I was thinking - even if Juanita had been hanging from a tree - that would have freaked people out!)
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