9 am Monday, Sept 1


Not-So-Venerable Asshat
Anyone interested in joining for a labor day morning ride at either 6 mile or chimney rock? I know my way around both parks, and am up for riding either.

Pace will be as fast as the group is comfortable with - out for fun, not hammering.

Give a shout if you're interested. I'm planning wheels down at about 9.
I drive a silver Rav4 with a thule tray rack on the hitch.


Not-So-Venerable Asshat
cool - I might try and get there. With the kid, getting out of the house for an 8:30 ride might be a stretch, but I'll see what I can do.


Don't piss off the red guy
Later today I plan to take my wife over to 6 mile. It will be her first time so we'll take it easy.
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