9.5 miles on some of the best kept trails in North Jersey


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Gerard and I did 9.5 miles in Lewis Morris and neighboring patriots path. Attached is the route we took and all the square markers are trail intersections.


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Road Lewis Morris and Patriot's Path Too

I also road those two trails this weekend. I road two days at the parks and covered a lot of the trails including some Jason did above. In all in my two days out i managed a little over 22 total miles of riding. The trails at Lewis Morris were a lot of fun and Patriot's Path was a nice leisurely ride on my second day out. They were well kept and every biker i talked to seemed to be having a great time. I'm looking forward to returning there soon.


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Hey Jason, you must have been the one that left a mtbnj business card under my windshield wiper. GREAT idea!!! I was parked on Whitehead Road on Monday. As I was driving home (Randolph) I noticed something on my windshield. I forgot about until last night then decided to look at what someone put there. I ride LM several times a week and really think the trails there are great. They have really improved that place the past couple of years. The single track is really fun, and there is a decent amount of climbing. I do all the trails counter clockwise, and then at the end turn around and do the yellow trail the other way clockwise. I don't know if that makes sense. Anyway, I also have used my Garmin there. Yesterday, I think the tree canopy gave me some dropouts. Oh well. Great idea with the cards!!! Maybe I rode by you. I was riding a White Specialized.

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