8 notch cog lockring


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Finally decided to switch out to higher ratio on the SS and noticed that what I originally thought was the tool I needed might not be the case. It has 8 notches and looks almost exactly like what the park tool BBT-18 is made for but I haven't found anyone using it. I measured the width it was around 1.5 inches while the BBT-18 tool says it's 1.75 inches. The other option is to use a pair of bent needle nose pliers on it:


I found someone doing something similar:

It just seems doofy with a greater risk of damage to have to do that when there at 8 notches to grip instead of just 2. Nothing on the park website describes using the BBT-18 on cogs, but I still have a feeling that this might be the right tool. Any feedback would be nice :p


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You just need a spanner and chain whip. The whip holds the cog, spanner only grabs one of the notches. I looked on Parks sie but only came up with the whip. LBS will have one. Or you could revert to the screwdriver/hammer tool.


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I have a whip, I just wanted a nice solution for gripping that lockring, but I guess a single hook spanner would do, I know I've seen them around before. Still seems silly that I can't find the specific tool made to pit this thing.
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