8/31 Diablo Park Anyone?



Hi there,

I was thinking of breaking my arm at Diablo Freeride Park next Thursday (8/31). The thinking being that the park only opens on weekends after Labour Day and so will be quite busy on the weekends whereas if I catch one of the last week days then it might be less busy.

It would be my first downhill bike park adventure so there should be some pretty good carnage if you want to come along and watch.

I'd be renting a bike there and if someone else wants to do the same then I could pick 'em up if they live between Secaucus and Vernon Creek.


The tought of hurling myself down a hill with reckless abandon really is tempting:rolleyes: but i will be busy packing up my house and and moving to umm well i dont know, maybe under the bridge in Dover.

Did you know that the US Postal service actully delivers mail addressed to Under the Bridge in Dover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:
It is a blast

Definitly worth doing. I started on my Liquid and then wound up renting when my seat post broke on the third run of the day. It was not very crowded even on weekend. I went on a Sunday, two weeks ago.
All Day Baby!!!
Are you renting or bringing your bike?

lilbuj said:
It was not very crowded even on weekend. I went on a Sunday, two weeks ago.

Good so noone will see me fall on my face.
Sorry for the late reply - I was out of town for the weekend. I'm going to rent a bike there as I'm assuming that whilst my bike is a chunkster I'd rather crash on one of theirs...

Plus my front rotor is just the refulat 6 inches and I'd likely be pulling on that all the way down the hill - theirs are likely 8 inch rotors.
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