8/19 (saturday) - Hartshorne

Anybody? I have to get down here at least once this year and it's no fun by myself.
Looks like just Gerard and me will be going. I'm not going to post any specifics since are just going to see where the day leads us. If you do want to go, send me a PM.
Late start today and then with the skies as they were, we decided to hit Deer Park. We'll save Hartshorne for a 100% sunny day. :)

Ended up doing 10.3 miles. Nothing exciting really but if we had more time there were some more cross overs to ride. The green trail I think it is (the out and back that runs down to the road *see attached) was sooooooooo fast. Hit 23mph on that trails. whoah!! Now the climb back up, that's another story. It was washed out all over so traction was not happening. Got eaten alive by bugs and aside from the stink I brought home with me it was a good day. :)
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