8/19-Ringwood guide needed

a group of us might be going up there on Saturday, but it's not definite yet. I'll let you know by tomorrow. It would most likely be from 8-12 or so, so not really an all day epic.

I know the area pretty well, and can certainly give you a lay of the land. Our group is a mix between some pretty decent to some pretty, eerrhhm, 'not so decent' riders :D

i'll post back here with details tomorrow.

oh, and welcome to NJ!
I know Ringwood really well and could give a tour, but I am not sure I could give you "epic"- I will keep checking back to the post to see what is up.
The RVCC ride sounds good. I have been meaning to hook up with that ride. I will now plan to be there, if the level is too diverse or low we can find our own way.
bdpeter/joanqs, Let me know what you guys decide for saturday as 8am is pretty early for me since friday night might be a late 1? I planned a route off the map from RVCC and I have no problem doing a solo ride. But would enjoy the company, If I have to start at 8am, I can be there!

p.s. you'll need to get that handlebar fixed tho
who needs handlebars;)
cool. please RSVP hgozdz at rci dot rutgers dot edu

RSVP'ing simply makes sure ride leader is lined up. sometimes for whatever reason turnout is light and sometimes its a big group (go figure) so just give em a heads up that you're planning to come by.

if you get all hungover and can't make it... no biggie... but at least they know you'll likely be there. i just don't want you to show up and look around and find no one. look for a red and yellow dude or gal wearing an RVCC jersey.

pace is as fast as you want it. the crew tends to be fast. if the "old farts**" art and ellen lead, they will slow down for you, just like they do for me. **i want to be a fit old fart like them one day! ;)

don't make the same mistake as me and drink too much tonight. life is a perpetual compomise between beer and riding; don't let one take over the other.
Hey- Tomorrow looks like this. I am meeting friends around 8:30 tomorrow, parking lot C in Ringwood. Somehow the group that has decided to join me is very diverse, so I imagine a lot of stops. Your more than welcome to join us, it should be fun. However, if you make it by 8-you can hook up with the RVCC ride which should be faster. I hate early morning rides too, I don't think my lungs work until noon, but what can you do.
830 is better for me and I'm not looking to hammer just enjoy the ride and explore. I will be driving a silver element with NC plates and a heckler on top. I'll pm you my digits, just incase. Ben
sounds like ringwood will have quite the crowd tomorrow!

me and 2 others will be there tomorrow around 9AM, we're leaving here at 8:30 (enjoying the fire pit now!)

we'll be in a black Discovery with a Prophet, a Specialized Enduro and an M700.

I'll PM you my cell #, if you get there later and want to connect.
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Oh cool. I am so glad you had a good time in spite of RVCC absentees. It was a perfect day for a ride. Could not get to the park til 10:00 and then Art broke his seat post a few minutes into the ride.:rolleyes: Still was a beautiful day though.

It's all good, El. Hope to hook up with RVCC at some point. Hey, is Tom H. still involved with RVCC?
New Jersey Rocks!!!

So fun today..thanks Ben.
No thank you. Joan, Kevin and Chris for a great tour of a great trail system I ended up with 20 miles and could have done another 10 if I did not have to meet a old friend at 3pm:D You guys are some awesome riders and gave me the presidential treatment, after you guys left me in C lot. I had another carolina pale ale and headed to the top of pierson ridge via the trail aside shepherd lake, but first I hit the swithback trails heading to shephard lake for the 2nd time of the day, which are some sweet rocky technical trails that I usually drive 41/2 hours for in NC. I then headed up the trail along side shephard lake where I made a right onto whoop no more and then some how I got lost and realized I was on millie white? so anyway, I hung a left on a crossover trail before millies old house and made my way up chainsuck hill (a awesome climb) most likely more intense hitting the trail as a downhill! next time. I then made a right on pierson's ridge and it was starting to drizzle so I took a break. I geuss I was at the mid point where there are a few big boulders and then had another carolina pale ale and then I took off for what I thought was the best part of the 12 mile loop, I ended up with! First I hit piersons ridge as a downhill, which was not bad at all and made a left on the best trail I think in the park or what I rode saturday "Renegade" as I was riding this trail I thought to myself this is the wrong way to ride it? But I still enjoyed it anyway with only 1 dab to my credit and most likely because of the carolina pale ale I had on the top of peirson's ridge:D what a sweet trail. you guys at RVCC know how to build sweet rocky technical trails! and then made a right as I exited the "Renegade" trail and by then the map I had started to fade from all the sweat. So I remembered that we did the red trail earlier in the day and that's the trail I followed all the way down, another great trail I rode as a downhill twice in 1 day, sweet:D and then I hopped on the schoolhouse trail for a second time which is another great technical trail and then rode the paved road to lot C for the end of the loop. Excellent day all around. You jerseyites have an excellent trail system in Ringwood and I will be back to ride it again and Joan also promised me a tour of way way yonder the next time I get up north.

P.S Brian, I'll catch up with you and your crew next time I'm up! I have your number.

Here are a few shots I took. I'm pissed I did not take anymore due to having too much fun. Remember, I'm not a professional photographer and my camera is cheap;)

1- Joan tearing up the schoolhouse trail.
2- Chris also tearing it up.
3- Kevin tearing up the switchback trail heading towards millie white.
4- Chris jumping the log before the switchbacks.
5- Yours truly testing his skills.
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