7/29/2008 Ride

Mongoose Rider

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Great ride guys, got my butt wooped but it felt good. I really have to keep up on this... The three weeks off from riding really killed me. Thanks again for your patience. Great ride. Hope to see you next week.


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the more you can get out the better you.ll get...thats the way it goes...each time you ride its like practice...kinda

Oh pretty good coming from a guy who is about to turn roadie on us with the matchy-matchys and all :D


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Great ride yesterday. I am glad I was finally able to get out there and tag along. Good to meet all you guys that I haven't met before and seeing some familer faces. Any time any of you guys get a chance to hit up 6 mile give me a shout and I will be more then happy to show you around..........

Dusty the Whale

stall queen

just wait stall queen...next ride in gonna put this sign on your back

the only time i had to touch down was when i was behind you SON...and i actually have a pink T-mobile jersey


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They will see the light when they are sucking wind after a 10-12 mile ride in the woods and you are logging 20,30,and 40 mile road rides.

The majority of the folks here will tell you that the best way to improve your mtb fitness is to ride on the road as well.

Enjoy the new roadie!


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thew road bike is to save money and ride to work...and also to drop a few pounds...im 240lbs need to be 220lbs...

see you say that now wait until you walk by it and it says "ride me" then the next thing you know you are at the 20 mile mark wondering WTF....and thinking how you are going to get another 15 or so in before it gets dark..... :)

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