6mR is great!



Went there for the first time yesterday. I had a blast! These trails are so fast, and well maintained. I'd like to say thanks to all that work on 6m. Really I should not have been riding yesterday, as I was getting sick, but I just could not pass up the opportunity. (Today I feel horrible)

I went riding with a buddy that is new to MTB, and he loved the trails. I like all of the bridges and log rollers.

You may have passed us. I was on a Santa cruz bullit (with a DC fork) ...hey its all I have for XC currently. And my friend was on a Giant Yukon.


Oh, and to add to the kamikaze wildlife... on our way back I had to jam on the brakes because there was a fawn running straight towards me. If I wouldn't have stopped, one of us would have ended up a bit hurt.


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Beware the groundhog gatekeeper, he's cost me a saddle and a front brake lever on two separate occasions


I think I saw the hog yesterday - just after the road crossing and before the bigger stream right? He was running away from my massive 29er wheels travelling and an intense velocity.

I saw quite a few people out considering it was the middle of the afternoon on a work day. So "Hi!" if I saw you. I was in a greenish CLIMB shirt on a raw-finished Intense 29er.

I saw a guy turn up in a BMW 5-estate (station waggon) at the soccer fields car park with his young lady (good job mate!), a couple of others in a Honda Element. A short-haired girl out in the woods and a few others. Howdy!

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