6Mile Tues 9/30 @ 5:30pm


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Location: 6Mile, Route 27 lot
Time: 5:30pm (can accomodate +/- 30min or so)
Pace: Spirited Intermediate (or group's pace)

As of right now, I haven't been on any sort of bicycle in approximately 1 week, 1 day, 22hrs, 14min, and 16sec. That is LOOOONG. I am looking to make this a GOOD ride.

I don't know what the daylight situation is but I will be prepared.

Any one know the conditions at 6mile?

Can't wait to have wet feet,


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Chris G and I did a quick hour this AM. The recent rain has brought on a slick coating of mud. The wet conditions made very clear which areas need some tender loving care.

J and I will host another trail day in late October to take on some mud holes and finish the new trail cuts from the last trail day.

I was glad that the dry season was over.

I love MUD!



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Muddy indeed and pitch black on our return too!

Not too bad but lots of long puddles and run off still flowing at the usual below water table spots and more. The new trail is fairly dry tho. I expected it to be a little dryer but I think this is it. It will probably be damp from here on out. Suppose to rain again tomorrow. I wouldn't ride 6mile till the weekend.

I miss the dry season :eek:


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no we did but probably not the best ones since in the beginning young grasshopper over there was like "oh you probably don't need that light" (referring my small bright light motion). I said "Yea you're probably right." So instead I went with the small dinky head wrapping light... Uhhh yea never listening to his advice again. :D
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