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Only able to do a half loop(Canal side) and conditions are damn near perfect for the weekend. All the TM done makes the half loop fun and fast!

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Muddy corners...more than I expected, but I wouldn't say don't ride it, unless it rains again...

Today's ride featured no mechanicals. Until my drive home when I blew out a car tire! Took me a little less than an hour in the 90 degree heat to change the tire, I had to take breaks it was hot in the sun. That was my first time changing a car tire... :mad:


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Apparently, that huge t-storm that rolled through last night didn't hit the trails. Today was nice and fast.


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Went for a sunrise ride this morning, trails are great....but the rain is on it's way so if you want to try and squeeze one in, GO NOW!!!


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I've been told this morning that the trails are about 75%. Muddy corners and slick shady areas, but drying out quickly with the nice weather. I'm going for a 6AM ride from the Canal lot tomorrow so I will post more conditions tomorrow morning.


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I was just out there. The trails are mostly dry but there were just too many puddles and mud pits killing the flow.

We should get good weather for the next week though so it should dry out nice.


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Did anyone get out there today? Curious about the conditions. Thinking of going tomorrow morning .


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Using my backyard as a barometer (which is usually pretty good) I would say you are safe to ride for the weekend.


My drive home from work past the canal red trail entrance noticed the mud hole was dry. Id agree with the post above!

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