6-Mile Hike


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I had nothing to do on X-Mas Eve and strangely had no urge to ride. I took the kids to 6-Mile for a hike and mixed in a little trail work.

I got 5 or 6 problem logs out of the way and helped the kids to appreciate the trails a little. I couldn't help but notice how slow hiking is. I much prefer to ride. Trails were in pretty good shape considering all the rain we got yesterday.

It's now official. I can't go to 6-mile without eating Tex-Mex afterwards.


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good dad

I always thought my dad was pretty cool.

I a few years your kids will look back and think how cool their dad was when they were little.

Right now they only know the life you have given them. Soon enough they will see how square their friends parents are and realize that they were really lucky.

Good for you Pops!

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