6 Mile...Friday 7/25 Same time!


I Owe Norm $10

To all yall who couldnt make it today due to weather:mad2:...lets hope the forecast for friday stays true and we can make it happen then...

Im dying to have my hindquarters handed to me by some six mile regulars.

You in?????


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Just a word of advice, 6 mile Swamp I mean Run will be a mud hole for at least a week after all the rain we got in the past two days and it looks like we may be in for another soaking before Friday.
I am always down to run a hot lap or two through there on Friday, but I know that it's going to be a disgusting muddy mess for a while after all this rain. If anybody that has ridden there right after a serious rain like we just had can chime in and let me know what it's really like, I want to hear your opinoin.(I.E. J-Dog or Wobbegong) I want to ride but I don't want to do any damage to the trails.


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Sometimes when the trails are really dry and we get hard rain, the water doesnt have time to soak in and make things soft. You end up with a slick top layer on hard pack because most water leaves as run off. However, we had lots of rain, that most likely flooded some areas. In the winter, it gets really soft because the water just sits there and the soil has time to take it in. The soil at six mile, with lots of clay, isnt very permeable.

I'd say give it a few rain free days. I haven't been on the bike in over a week, family and work have been busy for me. I cant wait to ride road tomorrow.:getsome:


I Owe Norm $10
The advice is appreciated.
Assuming the skies stay clear between now and tomm afternoon Im gonna give it a try.......
Hope to the see the sun and some of yall out there around 530.


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i've got the day off tomorrow. i'll try to sneak out and check the conditions (via hiking boot). i'll post up before the afternoon if i make it over to 6 mile.


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the ground is fine, i did some other local trails in the vicinity of six mile the other day and they where fine. a tad soft but not prone to ruts.


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i couldn't get out earlier to check six mile... sorry no update here.

i'll join you for the 5:30 start. just so you know, i'll turn around if its crappy conditions*... but its way too beautiful out to sit inside and not even try to get out in the woods. a sunny day like today, its worth the gamble.

black corolla (if you can see the color through the dirt), rootbeer niner.

*note: i'm real uptight about trail conditions and screwing up access by leaving ruts - i'll use my best and most conservative judgement.


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I'm gonna ride 6mile sat morn. I honestly don't think it will be that bad on the 27 side at all. Just take it easy on the areas that usually get crappy like the swamp by the concrete bridge and the other flood zone on the canal side.

Anyone care join me tomorrow morn?


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I'll make an appearence. I will meet you guys in the 27 parking lot around 5:00 or so.........Let's get muddy!!!!!!!!!!


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Rode there today

Me and Tim rode there today at ~ 3 PM. I was fully expecting to turn around if I encountered bad conditions. Blue trail all the way out and back. Conditions were extremely good. A few puddles in the usual places, but not a mud fest at all. In fact, the rain seems to have firmed up the trails quite a bit.

Areas that were a bit wet:
Concrete bridge area was in good shape (a few puddles)
One or two puddles near two bridges
A few more between the berm and the log bridge/A-frame
Puddles between the creek and the re-route up the ridge just west of middle southbush

Swamp was bone dry.

Have fun tomorrow.


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1st time later today

Gonna try it today on my way to work. Easy to figure out loop? Park off 27 and look for bikes? thanks


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Great ride last night. Even the flat from hell couldn't bring us down.:D Nice seeing Madness and CS out there. Nice meeting NHM. Pretty fast for someone who hasn't been there much.

Hopefully I'll see you all out there soon.



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madness tried passing me in the shoulder on 27, that crazy dude :getsome::)


I Owe Norm $10
Many thanks to Tim, Madness, and Clarkenstein for a great ride. I was down for a solid chase and I certainly got what i asked for. Extra thanks to CS for allowing me to take his niner for a spin.............now the wheels are turning as to how Im gonna come up with the $$$ for one.

If anyone is interested in a Monday or Tuesday afternoon ride there, let me know.....
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