50-50 Ride


JORBA: Director
50% Sun and incredible spring weather, 50% rain, wind and general nastiness.

I am really digging the road when our trails are beat up, today's ride was no exception despite the rain. I rode past the Hospital Rd. lot on the way out and the way back and was pretty surprised at how many people were riding. Hopefully they stayed off the newer and/or muddier stuff.

I started out and felt amazing, legs felt real fresh. My goals were to head into the Colts Neck area and look for some hills, push a bigger gear than I did last ride, and stay in the big ring as much as possible while keeping a decent spin. I was looking to do about 3 hours, and met all of my goals pretty well.

The rain started in Marlboro, so I made a quick stop at the Bicycle Hub hoping it would end. I refilled water, looked outside and realized it likely wouldn’t end. Pit stop lasted 5 minutes, and then I went for the quickest way home without hitting too many main roads (besides rt 34). I was damn near cackling inside, saying to myself “harden up, you LOVE this shit" but honestly the rain blew.

Got a flat less than 2 miles from home, no tube or pump on me (looked at the tube and inflator as I left the garage earlier, I love learning lessons this way). 10 seconds after I stopped this dude was heading out o his driveway for a jog and said "need a pump"? Bingo, I electrical taped the living shit out of the hole, inflated until his pump was about to explode, said "thanks" and hauled ass the rest of the way home.


Overall a great day!

Brian Snyder

JORBA "Roaming Gnome"
It's my Birthday!
Makes me glad I sold my road bike, even more glad I didn't have a bike to ride with you today Ken.;) (although I would have lent you my tube and pump) It still sounds better than a day at work.


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Nice to see you are becoming a roadie.

Now you can shave your balls and your legs.
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