31/31 ---> JULY 2017! CONTEST! WIN $100!


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Here it is again!!

For the 31 days of JULY 2017, you must have a ride time of 1 hour or more for all 31 days of July.

Each rider will be awarded a $100 gift cert for use on in store purchases. (in stock items unless special arrangements are made)

Please use strava or a similar time keeping application such that you can provide proof of your monthly tally when you come see me in the shop.

(no whining)

-Outside only. Inside does not count.

-1 hr for each given day. (may be divided into more than one per day)(to and from work for example)

-Chairlift assisted rides do count. (For my DH peeps)

-This is limited to the first 50 people who bring in their results STARTING on AUGUST 5th starting at 10:30am EST. ALL RESULTS MUST BE IN BY AUG 15TH 2017


-Extra points for daily photography

-The goal here is a month-long commitment to cycling.

This year some additional prizes will be awarded!!! Not just for those who ride the most, but rather to those who entertain us (or me) the most.

New this year ---> you can substitute a TM day for the hr of riding any day... Just run strava during the TM! (Cool huh??)

UPDATE: SHIMANO has stepped up to offer 2 finishers of this challenge Mtb or road shoes. $200 value on each.

Good luck!

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Overthinking the draft from the basement already
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oh, first.

will these count towards BIYF this year?
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Karate Monkey

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Assuming my PT/doctor clears me for rolling around the park, I'm game. I'll document the shit out of the rollerskaters and dog walkers.


Overthinking the draft from the basement already
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I'm out. Never going to get down there by 8/5.

I think that is the first day of the claim window. There is also the cred that goes with doing this.

We've changed people's lives, they've gone on to the Nobel prize. And pro peleton.:D

In the end, the award is nice, but the accomplishment lasts forever. And that is no joke.
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This may finally be the year that I am able to participate. I would state that I will be in for this, but I recently read in some non-blog something about people who publicly state their goals are actually less likely to accomplish such goals.

Thanks, @jdog for this awesome contest!


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I did it last year and got no "cred" because I didn't strava it. Leaving for NH and ME on 8/3, not back til 8/12, so more than likely 50 entries will be filled up by then.

We'll see. Really would like the $100 gift dealio if I'm gonna ride 31 days straight again


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In for fun and motivation.
I'm in it strictly for the motivation. I feel like all I do is work and it sucks. I tried this in 2015 and went 17 days of which I have fond memories of that accomplishment alone. Just imagine if I had finished....

Will there be extra bonus points for finding and eating the most raspberries?

Sven Migot

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I will give this a shot. I have a three day backpacking trip in July. I could get a ride in the first & third day. The second day will have to be the TM substitute. Unless I pack a unicycle up the mountain and ride it in circles for an hour. Need to learn how to ride a unicycle first....
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