!3 rides in 3 days!


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My weekend looks free as a kite and conditions look rocking. :getsome:
My tentative plan is to ride Fri, Sat, and Sunday.

Fri: PM me
Sat: iggy's 6mile post @ 9:30am (c'mon, let's get some zzz's ppl :eek:)
Sun: Mercer @ 9:30am (")
Pace: Int with a lil' pushy push but proper regroups
Duration: about 2 hours +/- each

Oh yea and a Mercer guide wouldn't be bad idea either. ;)
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Yep !3 rides in 3 days. I am doing each place 4.33 times. :p

I should be around Sunday. I can lead Mercer.
Spectacular. I haven't been to Mercer for a year :eek: and never with someone that really knows the trails. I always rode the side from the Marina to the entrance and never been to the other.


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dude i've never seen you on a mtb yet :rolleyes:
prove me wrong and ride this weekend :D

hey! I haven't even ridden the road bike this year aside from commuting and wobbegong saw me on the mtb last friday so :p

i should be riding sunday but will be done riding a solid hour before you start...

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I'm in for Sunday 10 AM @ Mercer if there's still interest and it's still on provided y'all don't kill yerselves on Saturday at 6mile.

Which one is the "Marina" lot?
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