2x or 3x spoke lacing on 29" wheel


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I just got in some We Are One Faction hoops in 32H that I will lace (or bring to an LBS). The WR1 website says to lace 2x on their 29" wheels but I have always gone 3x (all my wheels have been 32H or higher). They say it gives the best ride quality but I'd rather have strength and less flex in turns even tho it's a 120 trail bike.

I have emailed them but haven't gotten a response and thought someone on MTBNJ might shed some insight on it and what ride and strength qualities come with 2x vs 3x.

Hope Pro 4 hubs to 32H We Are One Faction hoops
Going on Transition Spur 120mm travel trail bike
205+ lb rider
2x vs 3x?

Thanks in advance for any info!
For 32 there’s really no advantage doing less than 3x. The cross has more to do with spoke count than anything else.
That's what I was thinking and seemed to be consensus from a quick search.

Funny that We Are One didn't mention hole count which seems like an important factor in lacing.

Thanks for the info you guys - I'll figure in 3x in the spoke calculator :thumbs:
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