2nd Annual MTBNJ Picnic


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Event: 2nd Annual MTBNJ.com Picnic
Date: Saturday, September 27, 2008
Location: Lewis Morris County Park, Main Pavilion

Time: 12:00 to ??? (or dusk, whichever comes first)

All are invited to attend the 2nd Annual MTBNJ.com Picnic. This event will be held at Lewis Morris County Park in Morristown, NJ. This is a family-friendly event intended to bring together riders, their partners, and children for a fun day of riding trails, sharing great food, and getting to know each other better.

We have reserved the main sheltered picnic pavilion, where the Lewis Morris Challenge is staged. Please note the original date was changed to accommodate the IMBA TCC visit to Ringwood coordinated by JORBA, so there are no excuses for missing either event :getsome:.

We have also obtained an open-container permit, so alcohol is allowed at this event. We will not be supplying any alcohol so Bring Your Own. Again, we stress that this is a family friendly event, not a keg party, and we ask that you conduct ourselves accordingly. Once again, we will be inviting the Park Police to stop by for some grub, so please keep that in the back of your mind as you pace yourself.

Now that the groundwork has been laid, we need your help! Like last year, this will be done pot-luck style. The culinary selections from last year's event were awesome, but we had way too much food. We would like to keep track of which foods everyone intends to bring, so we end up with a variety of goodies instead of turning the day into a Pulled Pork eating contest, and this will be done in another thread.

As with any event that requires permits, there is a fee associated with the reservation and open-container permit we obtained. We are not requiring people to pay to attend this picnic; however, if you care to make a donation to help defray the costs, we will be collecting on the day of the picnic. We sincerely want this to be a fun day for everyone involved and want cost to be no object to your attendance, so if you are not able to make a donation we certainly understand and will not turn you away.

Some legal business to get out of the way: As stated, alcoholic beverages will be permitted at this picnic. We have secured an open-container permit from the park. As stated above, we will not be supplying any alcohol, and in the interest of protecting the parties who have accepted responsibility for the group, we do expect that all laws surrounding consumption of alcohol will be respected. Consumption of alcohol by minors will not be tolerated. Also, if you feel that you have enjoyed yourself too much, please, please let one of us know, and we will arrange for a ride or a taxi to get you home.

While the three of us will not be planning official rides, we encourage you to bring your bikes and enjoy the great trails that Lewis Morris has to offer. If anyone would like to volunteer to coordinate rides prior to the picnic, or throughout the day, please let us know.

We look forward to seeing you, your families, and friends on September 27th.

- Jake, Norm & Steve

**Please check this thread often for updates**
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There is some gray area in between "Conducting yourself accordingly" and "I had enough yeager to pee my pants without knowing."

Actually I have a child arriving in the world a few days before this, so chances are good I will not be there.


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I think we should have a new event added to the picnic in remembrance of RyderX's performance last year. Steal your kids bike with training wheels and bomb down the hillclimb spot ;)


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I think we should have a new event added to the picnic in remembrance of RyderX's performance last year. Steal your kids bike with training wheels and bomb down the hillclimb spot ;)
Yes, and Jake still thinks he beat Nelson on the Hill Climb :rolleyes:
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My entire family will most likely be in attendance.

My kids enjoy taking advantage of adults who have had too much to drink. ;)


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We will be there, and I would be happy to bring some type of food, which I am not certain of at the moment, but will get back to you on.

we have already had ride discussions and and we are planning to ride for sure, so maybe we can coordinate with other party goers.....


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I really hope to make this!

My little brother (BBBS) wants to come too, if that's okay.


He likes my bike, haha.
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Hey all,
This was a bangin time last year. Some of us got together beforehand and rode the park. Then we all spent the afternoon chillin and getting to meet/know people.

I bake some mean cookies!!!


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Don't miss this!

The picnic was a highlight of the season for us last year. It was great to finally put faces with the names and enjoy great conversation, all kinds of good food (especially Steve's pulled pork sandwiches) and a couple of hoppy beverages.

Considering how this site has grown in the time since, this year's picnic should be bigger and more betterer! So mark your calendars and post up!


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Well I'll be there with wife and child in tow. I'd like to do a ride before as well. We should probably coordinate some ride times of various skill levels and so on.

At what point do we want to start making lists of people and what they can bring?


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i'll be there as well, sans family. wife is off to boston for a baby shower, the wonder twins will be with my parents.

let's put another sticky under steve's original post and list what people are willing to bring there.


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Can't wait for the picnic! Last year was a lot of fun and it was nice to meet a lot of screen names in person.

So who else is in? Come on folks...share some enthusiasm and get yourself psyched to come and play! What kind of fun does everyone want? We'll need to think of things to burn off the enormous amount of food. Well, there's always biking...


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I would like to be there to ride at about 10am if the picnic is starting at noon.

So anybody else that wants to do a ride just shout.....Not a hammerfest, but a moderately challenging sport level ride......work up an appetite.


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I'll probably get there about 9 or 10 also. Ruth - we can ride together!

I'd don't need a hammerfest either, but I would like to get in as many miles as I can, as always :)
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