29ers are so 2008....


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2009 is the year of the 36er, 36 inch wheels rock your world.






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did you notice the dual front brakes on the first one?

I would ride that if I was 7'


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Top one looks good. I want one too.

The bigfoot bike hurts my eyes. Please put a cover over it and make it go away.


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Holy crap, imagine the momentum once you get one of those things up to speed.

Interesting to ponder the drop-off abilities, not to mention the issues that might arise doing wheelies.


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i saw an article about them a couple of months ago. the rims they used were from corker, a unicycle brand thats been making 36 inch uni's for a while.

i like the fact that the second one has a curved seat tube, as the first one looks way too laid back. the first one is pretty tho.
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i bet those wheels will fold like soft tortillas

Doubt it- the rims are something like 800g apiece.

I'd love to commute on one. The looks you'd get would be great, and those wheels would roll over crappy NYC pavement like nobody's business. On trails... not so much.


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i saw the 36er. cool in concept - i'm glad someone made one and i would love to ride one just to say i did, but i just couldn't imagine how heavy that thing would be.
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