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Any skier or boarder on the board good at 270ing onto boxes/rails? It's one of my goals for the season and I spent much of last night eating it trying to get.

My problem (and I guess like most people) is 270ing in my natural direction leads to grinding in my unnatural direction. Example, I pop off the lip rotate in a clockwise direction, and land on the box with my right ski downhill of my left. (while I prefer to grind with my left foot first).

I just can't get a flat landing on the box. usually my uphill edges hit causing me to fall backwards. I just don't have enough time to spot my landing. Any tips?
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Give your a little more speed then you're comfortable with. Sounds stupid, but that's usually how I get onto rails.

I can't 270 - my body wants me to go 360.

Try that, or lead a little father downhill. that will cause more weight on your downhill ski, and less on your up.

Try it, and let me know if it works. I was going to hit up creek tonight, but they decided to open on the 13th instead :drooling:
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