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Is a 26" fork that will fit a 27.5 acceptable?
i don't have one for sale, it just may expand your search.


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@stb222 used to push me to mullet my anthem with a fox 32 26er.
not sure which others. easier to find straight steerer that way?
I searched for a decent straight steerer 26” for a long time when I was riding the K2, the options were very limited, but 29” were more available (relatively). Maybe because the size came up earlier than 27.5”?
Ah, forgot to mention...what size is the steering tube? If it’s a 44mm you can also fit a tapered steerer fork in there with the right headset.
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Hopping in here a second. My son posted this and he’s in school so won’t be seeing this for a few hours. Bike is a 2020 Specialized Pitch size XS. Fork was Suntour XCR air 80mm but extended to 100. Within 6 months it was blown out. I have a tapered Reba that I didn’t think would fit. What headset headset do you suggest that might make this work? Thanks!


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Straight steerers are hard to find, I had to order mine directly from fox for my EWR. I wouldnt recommend a 26" fork for a 27.5" frame, but since this was designed for an 80mm fork, you could run it at 100 and probably be ok. That being said, it will limit your tire size options to probably 2.3 max. Since this size was designed for an 80mm fork, a 100mm 29er will really be a big difference.

Per a quick search, the pitch has a headtube that will fit a tapered lower bearing: Double check sizing before ordering, I am just leading you in the right direction!

From pink bike:

HEADSET 1-1/8"" upper/lower, ZeroStack 44, steel cups, loose ball bearings

and i think i need Select Option EX44-40 - B5

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I have a 44mm straight headtube on my hardtail, a Rockshox revelation fork which has a tapered steerer, fitted using the same external cup (EX44-40) bottom headset assembly, yes grasshopperaggy, that's the one you need!

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Will I need to buy a whole new headset and crown race with it?
Some brands sell the lower headset separately, it usually includes the crown race.

One thing to consider is that the lower headset, being an external cup required to fit the larger steerer, will add to the stack height (the lower bearings are now below the headset tube instead of inside of it). If buying a new fork with uncut steerer it's not a problem, but if you're buying a used fork that has been cut you need to make sure there's enough steerer tube left to fit the headtube, headset, stem, spacers etc...


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if you go the route of a headset to adapt a tapered fork, here is a used fork for sale
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