24k Gold Track Bike!!!

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For only 80,000 euros (I think that's 1 billion USD) you can own one of these bad boys.


Loads a little slow. Click the link on the right.


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Oh snap son!! It's a good thing the hipsters don't have any money or we'd see stuff like this all the time!!



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"Hey there, fellow Brooklyn friends! Look and admire my gold plated bicycle - matches my porkpie hat just lovely, don't you think? I'm glad I have this fixed-gear, brakeless bike in New York CIty - who would ever steal such an impractical cycle like that?"


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Oh, and might I add - GT's Golden Bike challenge is an absolutely BRILLIANT bit of advertising. Kudos for them.


That's cool and all, but think about the return on investment you would get if you invested in gold in the 1980s.


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A wealthy hipster is no longer a hipster methinks.

And that is where the hipster is a wily and cunning character. Often their Salvation Army plaid shirt, ten o'clock shadows and preference for Pabst Blue ribbon will effectively camouflage the $1500 wheelset on their reclaimed 1978 Peugeot track bikes.
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