24hrs at Mooch


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Good luck boys/girls.
Jess, make us all proud and bring home the win.
Btw, bring your mud tires and spare brake pads, 40% rain :(

NJ Jess

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Number ONE!

Yup, the 4 women team of Darlene, Diana, Christine, and NJ Jess did 16 laps! We out biked the other women team by a lot, but they were from Philly. I don't think most riders can train for the 24 of A anywhere but north jersey. Way techy. Had a great time except for packing up the tents. Boy did it rain after the race was over. God was good to us. As for the trails, they will be loved.

Side note: Anyone interested in an All Girls Ride this Labor Day weekend? Post your prefs on the female riders board.
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