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I picked up 24 Solo, http://www.24-solo.com/ which is a documentary that follows Chris Eatough on his attempt to win his 7th consecutive 24 hr Solo World Championship. The movie was made by the same people who made Off Road to Athens and there was definitely many similarities in the style and overall feel of the movie.
While I enjoy bike pron films made by the collective and NWD, in practice my jumps wouldn't even impress Napoleon Dynamite, so these race documentaries are far more real to me. Another positive thing about this movie is that I've been slacking a bit with my 24HOA training and this movie has fully inspired me and training is in full force now.
Overall I felt the movie was shot better than Off Road to Athens, it appeared as if the crew had a larger budget (probably with the Trek sponsorship) and went for more interesting shots and camera angles. I was definitely drawn to the story and really found myself getting into it towards the end. My only complaint was that the audio levels seemed a bit off at times. You'd have blasting music jump right into an interview that you could barely hear, so I kept having to change my tv volume.
In the end I would rate this movie 5 beers out of a sixer. If you're a cross country mountain biker who is at all interested in endurance races this is a must see!


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Good i thought it was my setup. I felt the dialogue in the movie didnt match the soundtrack. I kept reaching for the remote to turn down during a musical section. All in all i liked the movie alot. Still havent given it back to my friend.


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Liked it

I bought road to Athens expecting more riding footage and candid interviews...however it was down right depressing.

So I saw the 24 Solo on sale and decided at least I have done some events to appreciate it...although the begining was boring as all hell I guess it intorduced you to Chris...I really enjoyed the last half and all the action and behind the scenes footage from the race last year...overall I enjoyed it and would recomend it to anyone into riding and for some to understand outside of biking what a 24hr race is like.


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This is my favorite documentary-style MTB video...It is better than "Off-Road to Athens"...The insight to training is great, I'd like to know what's in those little goody cups he gets in the feed zone!


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I just finished watching this. I agree, volume sucks! I was cranking the vol all the way up to hear the interviews and then the music would kick in and I had to quickly turn it down to avoid waking up my wife & kid.
But other than that I thought the movie was great...boy, I wish I had a crew pit like that....if not for the race at least for cleaning up and taking the camp down at the end of the race...:D
So if you are interested for next year races let me know. :p

and how many freakin' bikes does he have..?!?!? that was sweet....

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boy, I wish I had a crew pit like that....if not for the race at least for cleaning up and taking the camp down at the end of the race...:D
So if you are interested for next year races let me know. :p
Isn't that what the wife and kid(s) are for?

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Nah man, that backfired on me....you should have seen how my kid got hysterical at the start of the 24HOA!! Plus next year it will be 1 wife & 2 kids...too much too handle :D

and to think a pit xrew was my only reason to ever want to procreate. ill scratch that idea.


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I thought the movie was really well made, but not as interesting a story line as Offroad To Athens to warrant seeing it time and time again (whereas I've seen ORTA 5 or 6 times). This film really had one character, and while Chris is an unbelievable rider, he's not exactly mr. charisma.

Also the Trek sponsorship at times seemed just shameless, like when they're trying to get Craig to say how great he thought Chris' bike looked -- while he lays in a hospital bed. Lastly my wife, who does not bike, liked ORTA but didn't care much for this film. Not sure if what the nonriders think matters, but its worth noting it's mainstream appeal.
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