24 o'mooch/dirt rag


entirely thrilled
it finally came!!! i registered in may, so i was getting quite antsy for the first issue of my subscription. sweetness. 1 page article by rob lichtenwalner(north jesey) in there, about the solo 24 hr worlds.


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Very good issue.. Lots to take in.

I was happy to see the add for the new 1 x 9 Marriachi 29er by salsa.

Looks like they will have complete bikes to ship in March.

I will get some for sure..



Spokompton's Finest
ah, so that's where it came from... :D

its a good issue... and its just another indicator that 29'ers are indeed the rage.


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Every brand seems to have a 29er this year. I wonder if the market actually will be there for all these bikes. I have sold quite a few already but it can be a hard sell to someone who has never seen the big wheels before.

I was talking with a friend who works at WTB yesterday about how many of their new 29er tires they might sell. They have very high hopes to say the least..

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