24 hrs of Allamuchy


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Any news coming from Allamuchy today? I hope they remembered to pack extra socks. Those trails must be a mess, major trail maintenance coming up.


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Actually not bad at all. The rain on Saturday was absorbed by the time the race started. Riding conditions were, IMO, absolutely perfect Saturday. The rain kept the dust down and cooled things off. There were no standing puddles (some stream crossings) on the first day - at least on the singetrack trails. Maybe some stuff on the camp roads.

Sunday was a little messy. First half of the trail took it well, but there was a lot of slick stuff on the second half of the course. Wet rocks weren't a problem. I thought the toughest stuff was in the flat areas where the trails were sort of turning to runs of moveable mud. Mostly on the flats and downhills, which were tricky since that's where you have most of your speed.

Good stuff, great ride.

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I too think the course held up fairly well, until around 11 am on Sunday when the weather became devastating. They did shorten the course prior to the start however to take out some potentially "dangerous" spots.

It was my first time doing Allamuchy and I gota say I loved it! Can't wait for next year!


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how about some course particulars? did anyone map/gps it? how many miles, and how much was on the boy scout property?


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No GPS from me.

9.5 mile course, maybe 1+ then 1.5+ miles in the boy scout camp at the beginning and end.

Course started as it did last year, with a climb on the fire road out of camp. Short descent after that then some mild climbs, some techincal through 2 miles. Overall climbing wasn't anything brutal - there are certainly more painful loops available in the park. Technically there were a handful of log jumps, none that caused me to clip out. There were 2-3 rock gardens that were pretty tough, but again, nothing that a carefully picked line, some patience, and a good grind couldn't overcome. Probably the toughest section for me was a rocky/grassy incline that was not well travelled, half submerged in grass. At the end, there was a 2 foot rock laying in wait, which I wasn't able to clean on any of my 5 laps. It's the only obstacle that got me every time. On the last lap I made it up the climb but bailed due to lack of energy. There were a few downhill runs that were outstanding in this section. Aid station was just short of mile 6. From 6 to 7 was some climbing and roots/rocks, generally rolling. From 7 to 8.5 was mostly flat to downhill, very nice run but very wet on the next day. The last mile was a brutal climb which occured as you got back into the boy scout camp, so that was a surprise for most people. That was f9ollowed by the same fast descent as last year, but in much better shape because it wasn't washed out.

All in all, solid technical but not brutal. Decent climbing but again, not brutal. There were no climbs I couldn't clean most laps. As a reference, I cannot clean all the climbs at Round Valley. Also, I cannot make that steep climb going East from Chimney Rock Road. I am sure there are a handful of people who can say they clipped in, started their lap, then cliped out when done. I was not one of them.
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