24 HoA

Sounds like fun!

Curious though, how are people looking at this year's 24 HoA? A lot of people I talked to seem to have cooled a bit on this. Seems like a lot more people are passing this year that in years past.

I'm pretty darn sure I'm not doing it solo. I could be talked into a team but I'm really looking to enjoy the event more as a spectator than a participant this year. But of course it's only February.
I could be talked into a team
The teams are where it's at, you're pretty much guaranteed to get some hardware.

As for myself I'm not sure, the 24hoa is a week apart from Shenandoah 100, and I'd kind of like to check out that race this year. However my gf and I have been talking some about doing a coed team for 24 hoa, so we'll see.
Good question. The magic 8 ball cannot help me at this time.
Curious though, how are people looking at this year's 24 HoA?

I'm trying to re-schedule the annual family vacation this year so I can make it; it’s been too long.

In some sick, demented way I actually miss the dehumanizing features of this race; it’s been 7-8 years(?) since the last time.

Got the “itch” big.
If the official MTBNJ team participates then we should put together an Odds & Sods team from the rest of us, or several other teams and then throw down the gauntlet. If someone can lend me lights then I'd be in for the gimp team.
will team mtbnj making an appearance this year :hmmm:

My magic 8-ball says, "try again later".

:hmmm: Does than mean ask me later in the year or try again next year? Damn 8-ball!!! :mad2:

I did it on a team in '97. It was dry that year. I don't like this event's bizarre history with bad weather.
I really am opting out because of the Shenandoah the week after too. But...I could be persuaded to ride if a team was involved. I did it the past 2 years and killed myself...but finished well. I want to enjoy more of the culture of the weekend and not just beating myself into the ground. I'll be doing enough of that this year. If anything 4 or 5 man team sounds good but that's probably about it.

I've done team and solo. A 4 man team was nearly as rough for me as the solo gig, because with the down time, cleanup, eating, getting prepped for the next lap, trying to sleep for 90 minutes (at best), then waking up and standing around at absurd times of the night waiting for someone who may come in 5 or 45 minutes from when you get there can be mentally & physically exhausting. If you're looking to enjoy it to the max, I think a corporate team with 5+ people is your best bet.
I've never done a 24 hr race, I just got a J O B and it's shift work, don't know whether my team is going to be working that weekend or not, but it is already on my calender. I'm keeping this and that 100 well in mind. Hurting is fun.
d@mn. looks like i will be in the adirondacks that weekend, not that it's a bad thing.

Whiteface? :hmmm:

The thing with the TEAM is that there is a lot of idle time, and you have to be prepared to WAIT, it drove me crazy that one time. I just wanted to ride and couldn't. If you are thinking of mostly chillin' and a loop here and there then the team can be a good option.
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