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JORBA: Ringwood
Jorba Ringwood Trail work crew is back out working. First on the agenda for this year will be drainage / tread work repair and trimming brush on existing trails. A large leaner is hanging over the trail on the western end of Crossover Trail. We have already started a minor re-route to avoid that obstruction. It should be open in a week or two. We will most likely work on Crossover in that vicinity for the next few months. Stay tuned for volunteer work dates including Dirty Thursdays dates to be posted shorty.

Dirty Thursdays starting June 13th. ( no work on 6/20 or 7/18 )

This year we will be mixing it up the work times as there are a bunch of retired people that prefer mornings. Some weeks will be 9am. and others 4pm. I will try to post up here in this thread, or you can contact Art ringwood@jorba.org
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This tree is leaning on Crossover Trail:



We are working to re-route the trail around.

There’s one on the red re-route just over one of the new turns just uphill of were the new trail meets the old one. Leave or take down? It’s biggish but doable with a 20” chainsaw…too steep an angle?
Yes I have seen that one. It should be ok. The one on crossover was forcing riders to the side and a possible head bumper.

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