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Which county are you located? I'm thinking to move out the zucchinis this weekend and start the greens. You got a great start and managed to stop them from getting too leggy.
Warren county. I bought some potting soil And started mixing the new stuff in with the old stuff in my deck containers and flower pots just to be ready. I also direct sowed some sugar snap peas into planters outside yesterday. they can definitely handle this weather and Im going to move out my tomatoe plants since I already had to move them into much bigger pots. And I'll bring them in if it's going to drop real low at night. I will start some zucchini, cumber and sunflowers within the next week or so inside they grow pretty quick.


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View attachment 155312i already gave a bunch of stuff away trying to figure out what to do with it all now until it's time to plant outside.with all the upgrades I made to my setup and the mistakes I've learned from my success rate was very high and everything grew way faster than normal this year. These are all plenty big enough to put outside already now I need to keep them alive almost another month before they can go outside

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That looks like a great setup to get a large number of plants started, made the mistake to show it to the wife...now she needs it. But yeah, so far she's haveing good success with her babies (tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage etc.), she gets them going hydroponic then she moves them into small pots then either large pots or the ground. Last year it was mostly cucumbers and cherry tomamtoes, they would not stop produce well into the fall, this year she's trying some bigger tomatoes for a change.

Asparagus have are popping out, she planted them last year. Unfortunately some pest seemed interested and dag out a couple of clusters but did not eat them, so I put them back underground and so far so good.


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Re did the front bed today. Hydrangeas from backyard transferred last week, Easter tulips and hyacinths in and 9 Hosta splits . Next is backyard annual work- hedge trimming and planting of flowers . Then garden in by may. 19F3F209-9A23-417B-ADE3-B5C72B25B6BD.jpeg

edit- new snow cap weeping cherry.
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