2019 Gravity Season

I cant wait to talk about. Without spoilers I'll say USA finally gets on the podium, it went down to the last rider, and the world cup overall was decided by a couple tenths of a second. It was as good as sport gets. And maybe not the single great performance we tend to remember like gwin's chainless win at Leogang, sam hills 2nd in the mud, or harts muddy 12 second win. But as far as overall races go that was the best I've ever watched.


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If someone has the replay link, can you please post it here. Every time I go searching for it, I run into the results, thank you!!

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Women replay

Men replay

Unfortunately, the Denim Destroyer took a hard fall during practice and didn't run. I saw him go down hard in the last rock garden, so that might have been it, although he did get up and kept riding after collecting himself and we saw him at one of the after parties last night.
So its Tuesday so spoiler time. If you haven't watched the race, stop reading now and open the red bull app.

The race had some of the best racing ever but it was the dynamic of the world cup overall that made it so special. If anything there was far too little focus on hart's win, which itself was remarkable given he wasn't ahead until the second to last section. But the change in the overall world cup literally three times during Danny's run was almost too much to handle. To recap:

- pierron must win to take the overall. He qualifies low (15th?) and destroys every one else before him by over 5 seconds.
- bruni is second to last down the mountain and we know he must finish top 3 to remain in the lead after pierrons win. He does exactly what he needs and finishes third. Insane. He and Pierron hug and talk at length and the emotion is palpable as Pierron is an intense competitor and achieved his insane goal of winning right when he needed to. But then we remember theres one more man down to come down the mountain....
- Danny is top qualifier and after the 2nd section is in 3rd place. Holy shit he just bumped Bruni to 4th and Pierron now wins the overall. 3rd section still 2nd or 3rd place. Insane. Camera shows Bruni and Pierron and they realized pierron will win the overall.
- 4th section danny goes into first. WHAT. He's riding super smooth and we're all so confused but he's killing it. He's up just 3 tenths but its first place.
- final section he's still in first. Camera flashes to Pierron and were realizing what's happening. It's a roller coaster of emotions. Hart holds on to win by one or two tenths. We never even see him on camera again for several minutes. Bruni had the overall, lost it, and regained it all during Danny's run. Insane!

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Yup. So insane. Few racers on course (only 14 or 20 entrants qualified), but the "loose" format allows showing pretty much the entire run top to bottom. Kaos is insane.

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Speaking a freeriders mixing it up with the racers, the field at the US Open had some interesting names finish higher than one might expect: Kyle Strait in 8th and Brett Rheeder in 14th.