2017 Trek Stache 7 Medium 17.5 - $1,100


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I'm selling my medium sized 2017 Trek Stache 7 plus bike. Read the reviews, this is a super fun bike for all riding conditions. It has 3" wide tires in great condition which are great for just rolling over stuff. The short chain stay and lots of bottom bracket clearance make it so easy to get over all the logs, roots, and rocks we have around here.

I just put new brake pads on which only have one ride on them. I also put new wheels on it at the end of the summer when this bike became my secondary ride, so the wheels have very low use. There are several scratches in the paint, but none deep enough to get down to the aluminum. I did touch up the scratches really just to protect the undercoat of the paint.

Everything is pretty much stock on the bike and everything works as it should. I intend to take the pedals off, but that is not super important and can be negotiable. If you ride flats, I can probably find a pair lying around, but I'm sure you would rather just put on your favorite pedals.

The bike is available for inspection in Randolph, not far from Morris Plains.

Here is a link to the full specs.