2017 Specialized Enduro Comp 29'er


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I live in South Plainfield... so the places I usually ride are 6Mile, Chimney, Allaire, Hartshorne and LewMo.... I've ridden this bike at Harts and LewMo and once at Chimney and Tourne. My strava says that I've ridden the bike a total of 12 times, for 152 miles and just under 20 hours. If I had to guess, I'd say 12 hours since Hb rebuilt the shock. I'm a roadie, so I don't get a ton of MTB miles and I've realized that my Fuse is just a better choice for the places I usually ride which are Hartshorne and Allaire and 6Mile. if I sell this bike, I'll grab a set of 29'er wheels so that i can swap the Fuse around based on the place I'm going.

I've spent way more time riding my Fuse...
Thanks for the info. My favorite and most ridden locale is Chimney. I like rocks and uphill. How does this handle that terrain?


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