2016 Specialized Pitch with upgradessss (medium) - SOLD

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Hey guys, got a really cool bike for sale to help pay for project yeti. This is a 100% customized Specialized Pitch, 27.5, medium, alloy frame trail rockin rootin tootin singletrack slaying hardtail

Kind of important note: bike currently has no brakes. If you want a complete bike we can order brakes and i can even pay for the install or you can buy as is

I don't think there's a stock part on this bike other than the top cap.

Rockshox Sid 100mm, TAPERED STEERER (this bike came with a straight steerer but I upgraded the lower headset cup to an EC44 so it can run tapered forks. Huge +++
Fox Transfer dropper post (not installed) 100mm, 30.9 external route. basically new. edit: no remote
Thompson elite seatpost (currently installed)
Race Face turbine cranks
Race Face 32T NW chainring
Praxisworks 11-40 10-speed cassette which is absolutely perfect when mated to the 32T chainring. bike is so light for an alloy and crushes climbs
X9 shifties
Commencal ride alpha wheels. front 15x100, rear QR but I have endcaps to convert to 12x142. really sturdy trail wheels with novatec hubs. new freehub body is installed (shimano) and i have a brand new XD driver (somewhere) (update: found it)
uhhhhh what else...i have shimano mounts for 180f and 160r rotors. ritchey stem, specialized bars, Race Face bottom bracket, every single part was hand-picked and i made almost zero compromises.

Notes: as mentioned, no brakes, no rotors, no pedals will be included with the bike. you can have your choice of seatpost or both. if you want brakes, i'll pay for the install or discount appropriately. over $1500 added to this bike. oh i also have the stock drivetrain that you can have as well. cranks, shifties, gears, whatever.

Cash money: $700 (as is)


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Great deal. Parts worth more than this.

thank you good sir! this bike absolutely rips and can make it through anything NJ has to offer if you've got the skills. tires are maxxis ikon and have tubes. better for xc type riding and can terrorize places like tourne, lewis morris and 6 mile. keep away from jack's at high mountain. 2/10 do not want.

kinda bummed to be selling tbh. this was my first bike which i rode 3 times before buying a full squish and then promptly ripping off all the stock parts. unique build for sure


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Cool bike. How many miles?

great question and i'm not really sure. i have 991 lifetime strava miles so the number can't be over that. all the parts on this bike were replaced over time. I also know a big chunk of miles were taken up by my cross bike (maybe 100-200) and i rode my full suspension for at least 50% if not way more of those rides. I'd think the frame has no more than 500 miles on it and it's the only remaining stock part.
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