2016 jamis defcon $2200 OBO


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clearing out the stable. This is a great bike, has had yearly tune-ups and it won a few enduros, I only put a handful of miles on it this year, mostly at the bike park.
27.5 wheels
XT components,
Fox 36 float factory series, 160mm
Fox float X factory series evol

I have an extra set of alex 27.5 rims (only) I’m throwing in w this

The lev dropper post sucks. It has the little flap that constantly pops out. It works if you can get the L bracket to stay in the mechanism. I just left it in the down position for the bike park.

It’s got some nicks and scrapes, but it’s in really good shape overall. 09931991-8108-41D0-8859-4BD613EB0E14.jpeg BBBD5698-A47A-4B68-B6B9-26BCF6306FBE.jpeg 67289DAE-F9B8-4C75-B91B-32974E815AEA.jpeg 46D32766-5FC0-47B0-8D44-628252EEF31F.jpeg 84AF65AF-4F18-42DA-BDE1-855151216A64.jpeg C3FF31F2-5292-4464-88CE-A3CB4D605D7A.jpeg 6F5B965B-1D52-42D8-B11B-386F29FE85BE.jpeg 3A9ABCC9-99EA-41A0-BA04-622B12F79A55.jpeg 60760906-AFE5-4CE4-AF65-85CFB9FE98A9.jpeg