2013 Haro Flightline One 17" frame - Entry level bike for new youth rider-SOLD


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This was my oldest son's first "real" bike bought brand new from Marty's in April 2013. 26" wheels, rim brakes. Basic entry level MTB for your kid to get used to front/rear shifting and riding on Columbia trail type stuff. Not sure how much trail it can really handle but I imagine it might be OK at beginner trails like White at Dickerson Mine with some better tires.

This bike probably saw mostly road riding for the first few years along with the mandatory "how far can you skid and lock up the rear wheel" contests and at least one Take Your Kid MTB ride. And he definitely learned how to drop a chain and put it back. After that it sat around a while until the Pokemon Go phase kicked in, and when that was over its been sitting in my basement since then, never to be ridden again once he got his drivers license 1.5 years ago.

All it needs is a new back tire and someone to ride it. I know this is a very basic bike, but instead of spending new $$ and stressing over it getting damaged the first day, buy this for your kid and throw it around without worrying you spent too much. I probably have some extra tubes for it I can give you as well and if you need a helmet I have a few youth sizes too laying around I think you can see what might fit.

Make me a reasonable offer, and no I didnt consider setting it on fire (yet) but thanks in advance for the suggestions :). If you make me a reasonable offer, I will donate some of the funds to NJ NICA League. The rest will hopefully go towards a new to me MTB, or a case of beer, whichever comes first (probably the beer).

Thanks for looking and let me know any questions.



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SOLD! lock it up and special thanks to @Zaskar for helping me make a connection!

Your neighbors and that young man are nice people and I hope he enjoys riding it around your hood. Also I told them about NICA so share some info with them maybe he can sign up and ride some races with that bike too.