2009 RockShox Tora 318 Coil


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Product: Tora 318 Coil
How Long Used:One day:D
Similar Products Used: Horrible Suntours
Overall Rating [1-10]: 9 (don't have much to compare it to)

Positive: U-Turn is super convenient. In a few clicks it goes from an 85 mm climber to a 130 mm descending beast. Rebound and compression adjustment are very effective and simple. No flex, super stiff. Smooth as silk travel. Versatile enough to commute, bomb downhills and everything in between.

Negative: Supposedly a bit heavy, but I'm not a weight weenie so I didn't notice:D

Comments: Well, I've only had this fork for a day but I got about 20 miles on her, both trail and pavement, and I'm very impressed. Depending on compression setting and travel, etc. it sticks to the ground and really soaks up the hits. My front end is now noticeably stiffer. Seems like a quality product.
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