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Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday. The long weekend is just beginning for some (not me, I work tomorrow). So the "new year" doesn't start until Monday, the 5th. But it's close, either way.

What are your goals for the year? I'm putting this in General Bike Talk so let's keep it bike related. Maybe Ben can dial up a GTKY#13 about non-bike resolutions/goals.


1. Weight less. For the first time since about 7th grade, I saw the 170s on the scale just last week. I'd like to see how low I can go. Maybe 171 or even 169?
2. Ride as often as I rode in 2008, but more time in the saddle, and more time on the mountain bike.
3. Ride all the major parks in NJ, and some of the less major ones. Also venture out of state a few times (Stewart, Blue). Ride Ringwood, Wawayanda, and Allamuchy more.
4. Try to enjoy being on the bike as much as possible.

I don't have any specific numbers. If I had to throw some out in terms of what stb's thread discussed, I would say to weight 171, get 225 rides, and 500 hours in the saddle. Maybe 75 of those rides on the mountain bike? At least 12 rides (not counting races) in Allamuchy, Ringwood, Wawayanda, Blue, Stewart.

Let's hear what you have lined up!


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my goals are modest.

1) ride more consistently. want to hit at least 100 miles EACH month.

2) get faster/stronger on the bike - improve technically and aerobically.

3) keep losing weight (was around 225 a year ago - now below 215 - want to be below 200 in a year - 190 a year after). no "dieting". just healthier living = sustainable weight loss.

4) in 2008, I did the Woods Hollow race (Tatum Park) and the Mountain Man Biathlon. in 2009, I want to do them again and improve on my times significantly.

5) and I want to do a few more challenging races this year and see how I do.


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my bike-only goals this year:

1. at least 113 dirt-only rides (i like prime numbers, and my b-day is january 13th, so why not?). this should work out to about just over 2 rides a week.

2. go bigger - hit up diablo this year.

3. get the bike park i proposed in franklin township's middlebush park approved.

4. do 4 more TMs than i did last year (one more TM per season).

5. ride one of IMBA's "epic" trails. either roth rock (state college) in PA or kingdom trails.


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Simple...get in good enough shape to pound my competition into oblivion when I make my return to racing :getsome:


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1. Get faster. I want to see 18-23+ avgs over 30 miles on the road and lap times comparable to sport racers off road.

2. Climb better. I want to sprint up the hills I crawl on. I want to be strong enough to consider Mt. Washington and strong enough to climb with skill and confidence off road.

3. Skill up. I want to sail through technical areas with confidence and skill.

4. Build my women's road group into a team and get us out and racing.

5. Weigh less. To make all the above goals more attainable.

6. Above all, to savor every moment and appreciate wherever I am and whatever I do. Win, lose, draw or dig.


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Well, being a big believer in Karma and all sorts of MoJo and JuJu, I hesitate to post my 2009 goals. Last year I posted them on my tri forum and one week later was struck down with the case of tendonitis from hell, resulting in 3 months of accute injury and a year of lingering issues.

So I am going to be gentle with the JuJu Gods and just say that in 2009 I would:

1. Like to do some longer triathlons

2. Enjoy riding and racing with team mtbnj

I think that is generic enough to escape notice by the higher powers of biking.


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so far my goal is to eliminate this hangover. i'll work on the bike stuff tomorrow. or saturday.


2009 goals :

1. loose weight :
from the rider - month ago hit 187 now 183 target -175
from the bike -(about 1 Lib )
change pedals from Shimano 647 to CB -will save 220 grams ...
change for lighter seat post & saddle .
change for lighter grips then my Eargon .

2. start racing -H2H in category 3 with modest goal - finish all races and not be the last ...

3.24 hours of allamuchy? :hmmm:

4.Participate in the MTBRNJ group rides.

5. not have serious crash ...
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1. Drop 10 pounds from my waist.
2. Ride more on weekends.
3. Eat healthier
4. Relax


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Hmm lets see.

#1 Get Faster
#2 Get Faster
#3 Follow #1 and #2

My main goals for 2009 involve increasing my fitness, finishing places, and times from the 100 mile races. Basically I want the races to suck less by me being more fit.

Here's my 2008 finishes and times:
Cohutta 66 of 134 9:46
Mohican 38 of 97 10:24
Wilderness 59 of 192 9:51
Shenandoah 110 of 339 10:39

For 2009 I want to finish like so:
Cohutta Top 60 9:15 or faster
Mohican Top 30 10:00 or faster
Wilderness Top 50 9:15 or faster
Shenandoah Top 100 10:00 or faster

Of course the # of people will totally be random so the top finishes will be hard to justify but I'm throwing numbers out there. The times are really where I want to make the biggest improvements.

I've already hired a coach and training is under way. I'm praying that I stay healthy and all should fall into place nicely. I'm excited for the season to come and of course to travel and see new places. The H2H series will be used as hard workouts to supplement the training and get me in shape for the big stuff.

I hope to bike in at least 1 more new state this year as well.

That's all for now...


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pretty realistic goals this year.

1. drop 40 pounds.
2. put between 1000-1500 miles on the mtb
3. get rolling on a road bike.
4. continue to be awesome.

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pretty realistic goals this year.

1. drop 40 pounds.
2. put between 1000-1500 miles on the mtb
3. get rolling on a road bike.
4. continue to be awesome.

i have the same goals
1. drop 20lbs...225 is my good weight
2. put more miles on road bike to help with weight
3. color my hair red to look more like MIG
4. start being awesome


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road ride more, with groups occasionally
commit to training
find more time to ride mtb, even if the ride is short

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For 2009...


#1-I'd like to win a Cat 1 mountain bike race. I don't think that's gonna happen though. I'm sure I'll be faster this year, but I'm expecting everyone else to be as well, so more realistically, I'd like to just be in the top 10 all the time. Or at least all the times I don't DNF;)

#2-I need to trim down. At 165ish pounds during the season, I'm not really "fat" per se, but I'm not exactly Cat 1 fit if you know what I mean. I need to get into the 150's. It may also be my only resolution I can control:D

#3-Murder the 2/3 field in 'cross next year and win the NJBA CX Cup. I came close. A bit of bad luck during the last race kept me in 2nd. Next year, they die:getsome:

#4-24 hours of Allamuchy 1st overall. 3rd overall this year, 3nd overall last year. With the right team, it's possible, who's in?

I've already hired a new coach to help me become as fit as I can be and peak for the events I really want to do well in. I've zero'ed out my PowerTap, tomorrow starts anew:D



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1.) Do well in the H2H series

2.) Attempt a road crit (no shaving legs for me though!)

3.) Not to break my carbon frame

4.) Restart my bi/tri-weekly trips to round valley for hill climbing fun

5.) Average at least 125 miles a week between road + mtb (so far so good for 2009 assuming you let it slide that I'm counting this whole week since Monday was part of 2008)

6.) Get in at least one day a week at diablo from season open to season close.

7.) Last but not least, have fun :)


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pretty realistic goals this year.

1. drop 40 pounds.
2. put between 1000-1500 miles on the mtb
3. get rolling on a road bike.
4. continue to be awesome.

dude you need to get a road bike then you can wear the matchy-matchys and look awsome like mr.chainsaw...

My goals are to ride as much as I can and not to piss too many people off....


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4000 combined road. mtb and commute.
avg 3 days/week commuting
more mtb rides
ride with at least one person
do an mtb race
do a road race
not drink as much soda


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ride with at least one person

That's funny. Let's do it!

I'd also throw a century into my list, or maybe even a 120-125 mile ride. Also a 50 mile mtb ride but not sure how realistic that is.
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