2009 American MTB Series ...


Hudson Valley Girl
Read on Mud Pies,

There is a new MTB series for the east coast in 2009, yup while you guys are all tuck in your beds, RC is searchin the net for the late breaking news in the world of Mountain Bike racing. As of now it is a 5 races series
s r e a d o u t between the South and Northeast. I think they should have a seperate series for the South and North, but for some reason they didn't contact me for the meetings :hmmm:

R to the C ... :)


NYCMTB: President
I hate to cast doubt on this, but last I heard this was going to change again from the structure they've semi-announced...


JORBA: Ringwood
I read that too, but held back from commenting as I did not think it would go to fruition. The mountain state racers are a bit upset being left out.
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